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The Paradox of Choice Reduces in Toothpastes

Overcoming the Paradox of Consumer Choice

Today a special guest post on the Paradox of Consumer Choice by Tara Miller, a recent psychology degree graduate and writer over at

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Oprah at Australian Opera House

Oprah’s Ultimate Australian Adventure will win a truckload of effectiveness awards

In December, Oprah came, saw, and brought the city of Sydney to a standstill. Then, this week The Ultimate Australian Adventure episodes aired in the US, and the results are almost hard to believe…

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Oreo Advertising on Milk Container

Your product is not an island. A lesson in leveraging complimentary products from Oreo…Got Milk?

As marketers, when we are focused on our product we often put the blinders on and forget about how our customers actually consume our product, with other complimentary products.

On a recent trip to the supermarket I picked up this jug of milk to find an Oreo’s ad on the side, reminding me of probably the best example of complimentary product advertising there is.

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Call of Duty: Black Ops Marketing Sh*tstorm

Marketing Department Call of Duty: Black Ops blows away sales records

Travelling in the US at the moment, I have been exposed to the relative sh*tstorm that has been the marketing of the new video game Call of Duty: Black Ops Seriously, a SWAT team could have invaded my living room and I wouldn’t have thought anything was out of the ordinary. It therefore doesn’t surprise me […]

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