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The Line Doesn't Exist White Paper

My whitepaper for the Australian Direct Marketing Association: The Line Doesn’t Exist

The Australian Direct Marketing Association has now released the white paper that I wrote last year “The line doesn’t exist. An overview of how above-the-line media are becoming direct”

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The Order of Coopers - Win Beer for a Year Email

Is this possibly the best email headline ever written?

Going through my backlog of emails this week, I came across one of the best email headlines I have ever read: Win Beer for a Year.

For an Australian bloke that offer is like waving a red flag at a bull. So I charged to open it…

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The DNA of DMA09 – The top 5 insights from the world’s biggest direct marketing event

You just know that anything pitched as the global event for integrated marketing is going to be as huge as American meal portion sizes. And DMA 09 in sunny San Diego sure didn’t disappoint, with 6 days of world class keynotes, thought leadership sessions and best practice case studies, alongside the world’s biggest marketing exhibition.

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Downstream Marketing

In 2008, Downstream Marketing was named AdNews Specialist Agency of the Year and B&T Emerging Agency of the Year. I recently sat down with Downstream’s outspoken Chief Operating Officer Justin Hind, to learn about what is going on in Search and more.

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