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Accelerating Diffusion of Innovation - Maloney's 16% Rule

The Secret to Accelerating Diffusion of Innovation: The 16% Rule Explained

Last year as part of my Masters degree, I wrote a paper on why iPhone adoption will be faster in Australia than the US. Key to this claim was diffusion of innovation theory, to which I introduced a new concept titled The Newton Ball Diffusion Acceleration Effect.
In the year since developing this concept, I have been responsible for several new product launches, that have all been successful way beyond expectations due to another theory that I have developed on how to accelerate diffusion of innovation.

I am now ready to share this secret with you, it is called Accelerating Diffusion of Innovation: Maloney’s 16% Rule.

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Think you know what it takes to be successful? 5 lessons from Outliers

Outliers is the third Malcolm Gladwell book, following best sellers The Tipping Point and Blink. In Outliers, Gladwell investigates the real reasons for success. It challenges everything you thought you knew about the best and brightest…

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