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Steal my notes from DMA09

Cleaning up my hard drive today, I came across the notes I made while attending DMA09 in San Diego late last year.

There is definitely some gold in there, so I thought I would post them up here for you to steal, so you too can benefit from the insights shared at the global event for integrated marketing.

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The end of the line. My feature article for Direct Marketing International

At the recent DMA09 conference I had the great pleasure to have a few beers with the editors of DMI magazine (Direct Marketing International). They asked if I could write a feature article on my direct marketing philosophy that “the line doesnt exist”. So I did, and to their word, they published it. Check it out and let me know what you think.

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The DNA of DMA09 – The top 5 insights from the world’s biggest direct marketing event

You just know that anything pitched as the global event for integrated marketing is going to be as huge as American meal portion sizes. And DMA 09 in sunny San Diego sure didn’t disappoint, with 6 days of world class keynotes, thought leadership sessions and best practice case studies, alongside the world’s biggest marketing exhibition.

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