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Google Chrome Outdoor Advertising

Google Chrome Reaches the Tipping Point of Diffusion of Innovation

I am currently researching examples of my 16% diffusion of innovation rule in action for an upcoming article in Marketing Magazine.

With this in mind, yesterday I noticed Google had started outdoor advertising in Sydney for its Chrome browser, which has now been available for over 18 months.

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Google's Targeted Advertising Service

Let’s hope Google never introduce this targeted advertising service

The Onion is one of my favourite news websites. Yes, I know it is satirical, but sometimes it is scarily close to the truth.

Like this video on a potential new service from Google, where targeted ads are whispered directly into users ears.

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Bailing out the motor industry: What would Google do?

When you are stuck with a marketing problem, one of the best ways to “think outside the box”, is to put yourself in a different box altogether.

To do this, a method I find useful is to ask yourself “if the best marketers in the world had the same problem, how would they approach it?”

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