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The Newton Ball Multi National Diffusion Acceleration Effect

Free eBook on why the iPhone has been adopted faster in Australia than the US

So as a small token of my appreciation of Steve Jobs’, I have decided to make my eBook on iPhone adoption free for Innovate or Die followers. Download it here today.

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The Paradox of Choice Reduces in Toothpastes

Overcoming the Paradox of Consumer Choice

Today a special guest post on the Paradox of Consumer Choice by Tara Miller, a recent psychology degree graduate and writer over at psychologydegree.net

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iPhone 4 Email

Is it just me, or is Apple’s marketing getting a bit cocky?

I received an email from Apple today, announcing the release of their iPhone 4. Unfortunately they dont tell me why I should buy it.

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Bailing out the motor industry: What would Google do?

When you are stuck with a marketing problem, one of the best ways to “think outside the box”, is to put yourself in a different box altogether.

To do this, a method I find useful is to ask yourself “if the best marketers in the world had the same problem, how would they approach it?”

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