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L&A Social - Boardroom

Do you wake up everyday wanting to going to work? L&A Social sure do.

Exclusive Interview with Gina Lednyak, founder of Lednyak Social.

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Big White Wall

Exclusive interview with Jenny Hyatt, Founder and CEO of Big White Wall

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iinet must be doing something right

iiNet Uses Social Proof to Drive Sales by Claiming to be No.2

When I first saw the new iinet campaign where they claim to be the new No.2 in DSL Broadband, I quickly knew I had to write a blog post about how similar this campaign is to the great Avis “we’re no.2 so we try harder” campaign from the 1960s.

Fortunately, my friends over at Marketing Magazine have already covered this angle which frees me up to look a bit deeper into why this strategy will work for iiNet.

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The Paradox of Choice Reduces in Toothpastes

Overcoming the Paradox of Consumer Choice

Today a special guest post on the Paradox of Consumer Choice by Tara Miller, a recent psychology degree graduate and writer over at

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