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Social Whispers Buzz

Social Whispers

The importance of word of mouth, and increasingly word of mouse, cannot be underestimated when it comes to launching a new product.

As I outlined in my post on the 16% Rule, the secret to accelerating diffusion of innovation, innovators and early adopters must engage in word of mouth before the majority will follow.

An exciting new free service called Social Whispers helps brands to achieve this very goal, by swapping their product or content for mentions across social networks like Twitter and Facebook.

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NeilMed Sinus Rinse

Social media fun at your brand’s expense…to respond or not?

NeilMed Pharmaceuticals market a product called Sinus Rinse, that is a medically proven irrigation system for treating nasal congestion, allergies, hayfever, post nasal surgery etc.

However a recent YouTube parody video on Sinus Rinse Addication has close to 19,000 views and growing.

The question is, should NeilMed respond or not?

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Destroy your website! A look at an emerging viral marketing trend.

In general, marketers are not only great at identifying trends, but also at following them. The latest viral marketing trend for example, seems to be destroying your own website.

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Questioning the future of new media? Just ask a ninja!

Ask a Ninja has been a viral sensation for a few years now, and is a personal favourite of mine. For our purposes I particularly love the Ninja’s answers on new media, and have so I have consolidated some of the best Ninja videos on the topic.

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