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Donald Bradman Colourised Photo

7 Iconic Australian Photos Brought To Life With Colour

The movement to Colourise History, using the latest design technology to bring iconic black and white photos to life with colour, has gained a lot of momentum online in recent months.

However, to date these incredible efforts have predominantly focused on images from American history.

In order to bring Australian history to life using this technique, Innovate or Die commissioned young digital artist Alex Kemp to try his hand at colourising iconic images of iconic Australian moments and personality.

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Russ - Co-Founder of RandR Digital Imaging

RandR Digital Imaging

Exclusive Interview with Russ Benning, Co-Founder of RandR Digital Imaging

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Departure: The evacuation of Aguas Calientes by the Peruvian Military 2010. Copright Guy Grisby 2010

Some Guy and a Camera

In early 2009, Guy Grisby quit his job to travel the world with his camera, a laptop, and a passport. In this interview Guy tells us all about his photoblog business, Some Guy and a Camera.

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