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The Ideas Bodega

Exclusive interview with with Nicole Velik, Founder of The Ideas Bodega

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Toilet Flush Instructions - LAX Airport. #1 or #2?

Simplicity is the Heart of Creativity. A Toilet Flush Example

Telling someone why you need to go to the bathroom has to be one of the most embarassing social moments.

To overcome this embarasment, someone, somewhere came up with the idea that liquid waste shall be called #1 and solid waste shall be called #2.

I would guess that the #1 and #2 code is now pretty universally known around the world, and that is why this instruction panel for a toilet flush at LAX airport made me smile.

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WWF Painted Hand Campaign

So what if your creatives aren’t so creative?

Yesterday, I received a viral email of an incredible print campaign by AT&T, featuring beautifully painted hands to communicate that AT&T mobile phones work in over 200 countries. However one execution is uncannily similar to campaigns by WWF and Schroders. The question is, is this lack of creativity really a bad thing?

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Clients from Hell

Are you the client from hell?

Following my recent post on the top 5 things every creative hates to hear, I thought I would ask my friends on LinkedIn if they had any others.

Of course they did, and here is a link to some of the crackers they came up with, and three websites that I thought were great resources if you want to avoid being the client from hell.

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