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Coffee People - Good Coffee No Back Talk?

Serving up cups of branding confusion. A Coffee People example

At Portland Airport recently I decided I needed a coffee, so I hit up the nearest coffee shop because hey, there is no point shopping around, in general US coffee is as bad as their beer.

Anyway, after I had bought my crappucino, I noticed the sign for the Coffee People shop I was at.

I was rather taken aback by the sub-head “Good Coffee – No Back Talk”.

Since when has “back talk” been a problem at a coffee shop?

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Nike Apple iPod

When two brands are better than one. A look at the co-branding footwear epidemic

After having worn the same pair of Nike sneakers day-in-day-out for the last 9 months while backpacking around South America, I am in desperate need of some new shoes.

So this week I went out shoe shopping in downtown Lima, Peru. And despite not being able to find anything to fit my US13 size feet (let’s be honest…Peruvians aren’t the tallest people), I did manage to notice something interesting.

ALL major sports footwear brands are swallowing the co-branding pill, from Nike/Apple to Puma/Ducati to Adidas/Goodyear. And while we are being honest, I have to say that I can’t fault any of these co-branding efforts.

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Washing Machines for sale next to Motorbikes?

Q: What is the difference between a washing machine and a motorbike?

In Bolivia I recently came across a store selling washing machines next to motorbikes, breaking every marketing rule there is.

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The name tattoo? Has personal branding finally gone too far?

Other than social media, personal branding seems to be the hot topic in marketing at the moment. But it seems that anyone with an Internet connection can develop their own personal brand by starting their own blog, building a LinkedIn profile, or gaining followers on Twitter. So with all this personal branding clutter, how do you make […]

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