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Maloney on Marketing Wordle Cloud

What is your blog really telling people? Find out with Wordle.

Inspired by Katie Chatfield’s recent post on Get Shouty, I put Maloney on Marketing into Wordle to check out what words I have been using the most, as repetition is a key marketing (and Google!) principle. Here is what it spat out,

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Google Vs. Bing Round 2

Dear Bing, your actions speak louder than words

A loyal subscriber recently asked me what has happened since my provocative “I’m thinking of a four letter word and it’s not Bing” post from March 2009.

Well I am proud to say that Bing has now come to the party…

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I’m thinking of a four letter word and it’s not Bing

I’ve done a lot of work over the last month or so on improving my search engine optimisation and I think I have finally cracked it. I appear in the first two positions in Google, and on page 5 in Bing?

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Bailing out the motor industry: What would Google do?

When you are stuck with a marketing problem, one of the best ways to “think outside the box”, is to put yourself in a different box altogether.

To do this, a method I find useful is to ask yourself “if the best marketers in the world had the same problem, how would they approach it?”

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