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Sharing TatMash Tattoo with Social Media

Try your tattoo digitally before you commit to it for life!

Even more than buying a house or a car, getting a tattoo is probably the highest involvement purchase you can make.

Because you are stuck with it for life.

But up until now the only way you could try out a tattoo before you had it done for real was using Henna, which I think looks ordinary at the best of times.

Now TatMash has come out with the ability to try out your tattoos online, with just a photo.

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Maloney on Marketing Birthday Cake

The 5 most popular posts on Maloney on Marketing

Maloney on Marketing is celebrating its first birthday today!

Digging through the website stats, from the 60 posts I have done so far there are some posts that have stood out from the rest in terms of popularity.

So to make sure you haven’t missed them, here are links to the 5 most popular posts to date on Maloney on Marketing.

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The name tattoo? Has personal branding finally gone too far?

Other than social media, personal branding seems to be the hot topic in marketing at the moment. But it seems that anyone with an Internet connection can develop their own personal brand by starting their own blog, building a LinkedIn profile, or gaining followers on Twitter. So with all this personal branding clutter, how do you make […]

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5 ways to become a better marketer

Over the last few months I have been thinking a lot about what it takes to become a better marketer. Here are the top 5 things I have been working on…

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