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Pigs Feet

Even more funny international branding

More funny branding from North and South America.

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Cock Brand Lasts 8 Hours

More Funny Branding from South America

A while back I did a post featuring some funny branding I had spotted in my adventures travelling through South America.

Since then, the branding fun hasn’t stopped, so here is another collection of laugh-worthy marketing from the other land down under.

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Nandos - Always the first on a news story

Advertisers stay relevant with the Australian Prime Minister change-up

As a marketer I knew that the change of Australian Prime Minister this would be the perfect time for nimble, opportunistic advertisers to deliver some media relevant messages.

And I wasn’t wrong.

Here is a selection of press ads that appeared alongside the cover-to-cover media coverage.

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The sexiest name in colognes?

Is this the sexiest brand name in men’s cologne?

Spotted this outdoor advertisement today, and couldn’t stop laughing. What kind of a brand name is “Kevin” for a cologne?

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