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Augmented Reality Tattoo by ThinkAnApp Buenos Aires

Augmented Reality Tattoos are Here!

I am currently in Miami, Florida and of course I took a walk by Miami Ink to see about getting some new work done by the incredibly talented Chris Garver. But after being quoted $200o for a small butterfly (joke)I decided against it.

But in the process of searching for new tattoo ideas, I came across something that combines two of my passions: tattoos and augmented reality.

Check out what ThinkAnApp out of Buenos Aires have come out with: An Augmented Reality Tattoo that comes to life!

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Cliche by Bruto

Che Guevara has become just another marketing cliche

Travelling through South America I have been exposed to more Che Guevara products than I care to remember. But the fact that the image of socialist revolutionary Che Guevara has been used as a capitalist tool to sell everything from t-shirts, to beers, to condoms, must have Che rolling over in his grave.

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CommBank Vision of the Future

Commonwealth Bank provides a glimpse at the future of banking

Check out this video that my friends over at the Commonwealth Bank have put together, for a glimpse of what banking could look like in the very near future.

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Fitness tip of the month: Lift weights don’t shake them!

Ok so I have been rather slack updating my fitness blog, Maloney Fitness, since starting this marketing blog. But I couldnt go without highlighting the latest exercise craze, the Shake Weight.

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