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Lebron James Cleveland Poster Under Police Watch

Nike excels again at sponsored athlete crisis management

I didn’t really understand the big deal that was basketball superstar Lebron James trading from the Cleveland Cavaliers to Miami Heat. But sitting at a bar at the Chicago airport, a Cleveland fan thought it appropriate to throw his beer at the screen when Lebron James appeared. It destroyed the nice Plasma screen. That is when I knew this was a big deal.

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Nike Apple iPod

When two brands are better than one. A look at the co-branding footwear epidemic

After having worn the same pair of Nike sneakers day-in-day-out for the last 9 months while backpacking around South America, I am in desperate need of some new shoes.

So this week I went out shoe shopping in downtown Lima, Peru. And despite not being able to find anything to fit my US13 size feet (let’s be honest…Peruvians aren’t the tallest people), I did manage to notice something interesting.

ALL major sports footwear brands are swallowing the co-branding pill, from Nike/Apple to Puma/Ducati to Adidas/Goodyear. And while we are being honest, I have to say that I can’t fault any of these co-branding efforts.

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