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Maloney on Marketing Monthly Website Traffic

5 Ways to Drive More Traffic to Your Blog

I have been working on Maloney on Marketing for over a year now, and I still find that every day I am learning something new about digital marketing.

Over the last few months I have been focusing on developing frequent new content (because content is king), and more widely promoting new posts and the site in general, and it seems to be working in terms of driving traffic.

So I thought I would let you in on 5 things that have been working for me in terms of driving traffic.

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NeilMed Sinus Rinse

Social media fun at your brand’s expense…to respond or not?

NeilMed Pharmaceuticals market a product called Sinus Rinse, that is a medically proven irrigation system for treating nasal congestion, allergies, hayfever, post nasal surgery etc.

However a recent YouTube parody video on Sinus Rinse Addication has close to 19,000 views and growing.

The question is, should NeilMed respond or not?

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What is new media doing to consumer psychology?

No doubt one of the biggest impacts new media has had on psychology is the insatiable need for instant gratification. Indeed, the whole Generation Y has been branded as being addicted to instant gratification. However there is also another psychological trend that new media has brought about, one that is directly contrary to instant gratification. I call this […]

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