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Before Guerilla Marketing

A lesson in Guerrilla Marketing Brazilian style

Guerrilla marketing has always been a passion of mine. There is nothing like sticking it to your competition when they are least expecting it. Travelling through Brazil I came across a great example of guerilla marketing in action when I ordered a beer at a local restaurant.

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Questioning the future of new media? Just ask a ninja!

Ask a Ninja has been a viral sensation for a few years now, and is a personal favourite of mine. For our purposes I particularly love the Ninja’s answers on new media, and have so I have consolidated some of the best Ninja videos on the topic.

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Does a Jack Johnson song answer our current marketing challenges?

The other day while listening to Jack Johnson, I dreamed that the song ‘All at Once’ was speaking directly about the marketing challenges we are facing today. Here I have attempted to transcribe how the lyrics to ‘All at Once’ may relate to the marketing world…

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