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Peruvian Children with Pegs

Beyond Volunteering

This year I spent 3 months living and working in Peru, and loved every minute of it. The country is naturally beautiful, from an amazing coastline, to the Amazon, to the Andes, culturally rich, and has one of the best cuisines in the world.

But it is a developing country, with millions still without access to running water and electricity, and they need help from volunteers from around they world to help make this country a great place for all to live and visit.

A close friend of mine, Andreas Vailakis from California, was determined to do something about it. He came to me many times to pick my brain on setting up and marketing a volunteering business, and I am very proud that Andreas has now launched Beyond Volunteering.

So I thought I would ask him to tell the Maloney on Marketing family about this great new organisation.

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