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Maloney on Marketing Birthday Cake

The 5 most popular posts on Maloney on Marketing

Maloney on Marketing is celebrating its first birthday today!

Digging through the website stats, from the 60 posts I have done so far there are some posts that have stood out from the rest in terms of popularity.

So to make sure you haven’t missed them, here are links to the 5 most popular posts to date on Maloney on Marketing.

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Commonwealth Bank enters the world of Augmented Reality

We did it! Well technically I didn’t, but my colleagues have managed to incorporate Augmented Reality into their latest Commonwealth Bank youth campaign.

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Is the next big thing in business cards augmented reality?

The biggest problem with typical business cards is all they do is say who you are and work for, your title, and contact details. Now with Augmented Reality Business Cards you can add a personal touch. Your talking head.

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5 more ways Augmented Reality will change the marketing landscape

My recent post on what Augmented Reality means for marketers has been by far my most popular post to date. It is clear that there is a lack of sites bringing all these case studies into one place, so here are five more examples I have found of what is here now in this space, and what is to come.

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