Diffusion of Innovation is one of the most well recognised theories in the business world, and is getting more and more attention as innovation becomes the only way to stay alive in the modern dynamic marketplace.

In recent years I have contributed two new extensions to the theory of Diffusion of Innovation for the marketing and academic community.

The Newton Ball Multi National Diffusion Acceleration Effect

The Newton Ball Multi National Diffusion Acceleration Effect

My first theory The Newton Ball Multi National Diffusion Acceleration Effect, attempts to explain why Apple iPhone adoption will be faster in Australia than in the US.

The 16% Rule

The 16% Rule

My latest theory called the The 16% Rule explains how marketers can use consumer psychology to accelerate diffusion of innovation.

Check out the 16% Rule presentation slides from ADMA Forum 2011 and The Customer Show, Sydney.

These theories in action

Here are a few posts that help to show how these theories play out in the real world.

Samsung Tap and Take Viral Teaser Campaign: How to accelerate diffusion of information

Toddlers are accelerating the Apple iPad diffusion of innovation

You can’t judge an e-book by its cover. A new form of social proof takes over

Commonwealth Bank provides a glimpse at the future of banking

See how a new watch would look on without leaving the couch

iiNet Uses Social Proof to Drive Sales by Claiming to be No.2

Google Chrome Reaches the Tipping Point of Diffusion of Innovation


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