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Oprah's Ultimate Australian Adventure

Australian Tourism Campaign Face Off: Best Job in the World vs. Oprah House

You have probably heard by now that Tourism Australia has managed to lure Oprah Winfrey to Australian shores as part of it’s “There’s nothing like Australia” campaign. But how does the Oprah visit stack up against the Tourism Queensland’s “Best Job in the World” campaign, that pretty much scooped every award ceremony in the world last year?

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Hostel Bookers Vs Hostel World Price Comparison

Who is winning the Hostel Booking Website marketing war?

Today I had to book a hostel for a few nights in Ecuador, so as always I fired up Hostel World, the “World’s #1 Hostel Booking Website” to check out what was on offer.

While doing this a friend mentioned that I should also check out Hostel Bookers and when I did I noticed a marketing attack on the home page directed straight at Hostel World customers like me

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