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Augmented Reality Tattoo by ThinkAnApp Buenos Aires

Augmented Reality Tattoos are Here!

I am currently in Miami, Florida and of course I took a walk by Miami Ink to see about getting some new work done by the incredibly talented Chris Garver. But after being quoted $200o for a small butterfly (joke)I decided against it.

But in the process of searching for new tattoo ideas, I came across something that combines two of my passions: tattoos and augmented reality.

Check out what ThinkAnApp out of Buenos Aires have come out with: An Augmented Reality Tattoo that comes to life!

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Jason Tyler Grace - Rorshach Bird

The Tattourist

One of the latest characters here at Hostel Kokopelli has been Jason Tyler Grace, an incredibly talented tattoo artist from San Francisco who is attempting to make his way around the world one tattoo at a time, as a Tattourist.

In this interview, Jason talks about what has inspired him and his journey.

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Sharing TatMash Tattoo with Social Media

Try your tattoo digitally before you commit to it for life!

Even more than buying a house or a car, getting a tattoo is probably the highest involvement purchase you can make.

Because you are stuck with it for life.

But up until now the only way you could try out a tattoo before you had it done for real was using Henna, which I think looks ordinary at the best of times.

Now TatMash has come out with the ability to try out your tattoos online, with just a photo.

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