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A marketing/design review of Exito: the best supermarket chain in South America

For the last 6 weeks I have been travelling and working through Colombia with my good friend and graphic designer, Charlie Rose.

And although we never really tend to take notice in supermarkets, as soon as we stumbled across it. we were both taken aback by the Exito supermarket chain.

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Shift all of your advertising spend into social media now!

For most brands shifting all your advertising spend into social media is the stupidest thing you could do right now, but it is what many so called “social media experts” will have you believe.

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Apple iPad

Toddlers are accelerating the Apple iPad diffusion of innovation

Demonstrating ease of use is critical in accelerating diffusion of innovation. The hottest innovation at the moment is of course the Apple iPad, and fortunately for Apple, its Innovator customers are demonstrating how easy the iPad is to use for them, by giving it to their toddlers, filming the results and loading it to YouTube.

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NeilMed Sinus Rinse

Social media fun at your brand’s expense…to respond or not?

NeilMed Pharmaceuticals market a product called Sinus Rinse, that is a medically proven irrigation system for treating nasal congestion, allergies, hayfever, post nasal surgery etc.

However a recent YouTube parody video on Sinus Rinse Addication has close to 19,000 views and growing.

The question is, should NeilMed respond or not?

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