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Maloney on Marketing Monthly Website Traffic

5 Ways to Drive More Traffic to Your Blog

I have been working on Maloney on Marketing for over a year now, and I still find that every day I am learning something new about digital marketing.

Over the last few months I have been focusing on developing frequent new content (because content is king), and more widely promoting new posts and the site in general, and it seems to be working in terms of driving traffic.

So I thought I would let you in on 5 things that have been working for me in terms of driving traffic.

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Shift all of your advertising spend into social media now!

For most brands shifting all your advertising spend into social media is the stupidest thing you could do right now, but it is what many so called “social media experts” will have you believe.

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Esquire Augmented Reality Issue Featuring Robert Downey Jr

Introducing Augmented Reality Magazines

Last year I highlighted Video in Print, a technology starting to appear in magazines.

Now Esquire have taken it up a notch, with their December 2009 issue featuring Augmented Reality on the front cover and throughout the magazine.

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Accelerating Diffusion of Innovation - Maloney's 16% Rule

The Secret to Accelerating Diffusion of Innovation: The 16% Rule Explained

Last year as part of my Masters degree, I wrote a paper on why iPhone adoption will be faster in Australia than the US. Key to this claim was diffusion of innovation theory, to which I introduced a new concept titled The Newton Ball Diffusion Acceleration Effect.
In the year since developing this concept, I have been responsible for several new product launches, that have all been successful way beyond expectations due to another theory that I have developed on how to accelerate diffusion of innovation.

I am now ready to share this secret with you, it is called Accelerating Diffusion of Innovation: Maloney’s 16% Rule.

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