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The Line Doesn't Exist White Paper

My whitepaper for the Australian Direct Marketing Association: The Line Doesn’t Exist

The Australian Direct Marketing Association has now released the white paper that I wrote last year “The line doesn’t exist. An overview of how above-the-line media are becoming direct”

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Google's Targeted Advertising Service

Let’s hope Google never introduce this targeted advertising service

The Onion is one of my favourite news websites. Yes, I know it is satirical, but sometimes it is scarily close to the truth.

Like this video on a potential new service from Google, where targeted ads are whispered directly into users ears.

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The Order of Coopers - Win Beer for a Year Email

Is this possibly the best email headline ever written?

Going through my backlog of emails this week, I came across one of the best email headlines I have ever read: Win Beer for a Year.

For an Australian bloke that offer is like waving a red flag at a bull. So I charged to open it…

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Accelerating Diffusion of Innovation - Maloney's 16% Rule

The Secret to Accelerating Diffusion of Innovation: The 16% Rule Explained

Last year as part of my Masters degree, I wrote a paper on why iPhone adoption will be faster in Australia than the US. Key to this claim was diffusion of innovation theory, to which I introduced a new concept titled The Newton Ball Diffusion Acceleration Effect.
In the year since developing this concept, I have been responsible for several new product launches, that have all been successful way beyond expectations due to another theory that I have developed on how to accelerate diffusion of innovation.

I am now ready to share this secret with you, it is called Accelerating Diffusion of Innovation: Maloney’s 16% Rule.

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