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BP Talk Stopped Long Ago

BP’s Crisis Communications – Talk Stopped Long Ago?

Leaving the environmental issues to the side for a second, for BP it is disasters such as these that truly test the capabilities of their Marketing and Communications teams. It turns out they are not working together as well as one would hope.

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A big billboard with your name on it

The top 5 things every creative hates to hear

In a previous post I briefly touched on how to provide better creative feedback.

But not having sat on the other side of the table myself, I thought I would canvass my creative friends to find out the top 5 things every creative hates to hear.

As usual for creative types they wanted to remain anonymous and were very candid in their responses.

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CockPit Diapers

Can you think of a worse brand name for diapers?

Branding in another language is a fine art. There are so many examples of it going wrong. But a lot of the time it is not the translation that is the issue, instead a lack of understanding the local slang. Which is why the brand name for these diapers I saw in a favela in Brazil is so damn funny…

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Your copywriter compromised, and went to the pub

In a previous post I covered the 3 ways to get better work from your advertising agency. One tip was to avoid scope creep, which includes rewriting copy after it has been presented. Recently I discovered this advertisement in Time Magazine that featured one of the worst headlines I have ever read…

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