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Spam on the SMH Homepage

When is using performance networks a brand risk?

Today I was shocked to see this ad, which looks like spam and was probably created in PowerPoint, on the homepage of the Australia’s “Newspaper of the year”.

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Toilet Flush Instructions - LAX Airport. #1 or #2?

Simplicity is the Heart of Creativity. A Toilet Flush Example

Telling someone why you need to go to the bathroom has to be one of the most embarassing social moments.

To overcome this embarasment, someone, somewhere came up with the idea that liquid waste shall be called #1 and solid waste shall be called #2.

I would guess that the #1 and #2 code is now pretty universally known around the world, and that is why this instruction panel for a toilet flush at LAX airport made me smile.

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Gillette Limited Edition Armed Forces Special Issue Razors

Gillette Gives Back to the Organisation that Made it Famous: The US Armed Forces

If it wasn’t for the US Armed Forces, men would probably still be taking a trip to the barber shop for a shave every few days. Why? Because during World War I, to supply all of its troops the U.S. government ordered 3.5 million disposable razors and 36 million blades from a new company called Gillette.

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Oreo Advertising on Milk Container

Your product is not an island. A lesson in leveraging complimentary products from Oreo…Got Milk?

As marketers, when we are focused on our product we often put the blinders on and forget about how our customers actually consume our product, with other complimentary products.

On a recent trip to the supermarket I picked up this jug of milk to find an Oreo’s ad on the side, reminding me of probably the best example of complimentary product advertising there is.

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