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Over the last few weeks I have had my head buried in web user experience work for an upcoming campaign, where the joys of using Flash has meant we also need to build separate websites for the ubiquitous iPad and iPhone.

Fortunately I discovered UX stickynotes, which have been very helpful while I have worked on the designs of these sites with my digital agency.

To find out more about this innovative brand, I interviewed Ali Zaman, founder of UX stickynotes, in an Innovate or Die exclusive.

What is UX stickynotes all about?

UX stickynotes are large pre-printed sticky notes designed to help anyone involved with web and mobile development, sketch designs and ideas on paper and stick them anywhere (for example in a notebook whilst working on a new design, on a wall for discussions, on a monitor to create the design whilst working on a computer).

What inspired the development of UX stickynotes?

UX Stickynotes

As a UX designer I spend a lot of time sketching out ideas for websites, I tend to do a lot of these on pre-printed templates of a browser as it allows me to focus my thinking on what the idea would look like in the context of a browser layout.

Once the sketches are done these are then stuck on a wall or in a sketch book – which involves fiddling around with sticky tape, pins or blu tak.

I’d been looking for a product or solution to make the job of producing and sticking sketches easier, not finding anything suitable on the market, I decided to develop the idea myself and UX stickynotes was born.

Why the name “UX stickynotes”?

The name describes what the product is – stickynotes that are for UX or design work.

Luckily the domain uxstickynotes.com was available, which was important as well.

Who is your main target market?

UX stickynotes are aimed at anyone who is involved with designing or coming up with ideas for web and mobile projects.

This could be anyone from a UX designer, web or mobile designer, information architect, analyst, developer etc to a client.

How is UX stickynotes useful for marketers?

UX stickynotes are great for idea generation and development especially in group situations.
UX Stickynotes

Get your team together and get them to sketch out some rough ideas, stick them on a wall and get the discussion going, it’s a great way to come up with some innovative solutions to problems.

You offer downloads of free UX sketching templates. What is the thinking behind this?

I’m a great admirer of open source or creative commons projects, where people spend a lot of time and effort developing something and make it available on the web for free.

I’ve made use of several open source projects and always wanted to do my bit and release something back that would help others.

The free downloads also let people try out the templates before purchasing which ultimately increases the chance of them making a purchase.

How are you marketing UX stickynotes?

Currently I have a very limited marketing budget as UX stickynotes has been financed entirely by myself. Most of the marketing has been done through press releases and social media – twitter in particular.

Because the idea of UX stickynotes is quite unique, it’s been picked up by some popular websites and has been spread virally through social networks, this has resulted in a huge amount of interest.

What’s next for UX stickynotes?

The response so far has been phenomenal; we’ve got plans for some additional templates and also extra large blank stickynotes in the near future.

We’re also looking for distribution partners in key markets outside the UK (where we’re based) to help cope with the international demand for UX stickynotes.

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