While I was working on building my website into INNOVATE OR DIE, I engaged the innovative user experience company WhatUsersDo

Below is one of the resulting user experience videos

I believe that in terms of usability testing, nothing beats the value of this innovative new service. For a limited time you can try it out for yourself for free here.

To find out more about this innovative brand I interviewed Lee Duddell, founder of WhatUsersDo, in an INNOVATE OR DIE exclusive.

What is WhatUsersDo all about?

We help our clients make their websites more profitable by making them easier to use. Common sense dictates that if your website is intuitive and easy for normal people to understand and use, then you’ll convert more visitors into shoppers.

But, when you are working on a website it’s really hard to see things from a user’s perspective and it’s only through observing real people interact that you can discover what needs improving.

Tools like Google Analytics tell you what’s happening on your website, WhatUsersDo tells you why!

We do this by recording online videos of people’s screens and spoken thoughts as they use our clients’ websites.

What inspired the development of WhatUsersDo?

I setup WhatUsersDo after running lots of in-person usability tests. I always got great insight from running these tests, but they were a real pain (and very expensive) to setup. I saw a gap in the market to remove the hassle of setting up and running usability tests and so founded WhatUsersDo.

Our clients complete an online order form (in a few minutes) to setup their tests and within 48 hours they are watching real people use their websites and can listen to their spoken thoughts. It’s much less hassle than doing it yourself or hiring a Lab (and expensive consultants) and costs only £30 per user.

Why the name WhatUsersDo?

Good question! We believe (as do other experts in this field) that there is no substitute for observing what users do on a website.

It’s of little value asking people after they have used a website what they think (too much post rationalisation goes on) you simply must observe them. Hence the name.

It’s not what users said they did or what they can remember they did it’s what they actually do.

What is the thinking behind the WhatUsersDo logo?

We’re about to change it to this:

What Users Do and Why They Do It

… encapsulating that our sevice helps you answer “What users do and why they do it”

Who is your main target market?

Primarily website owners from global players through to SMEs. We have clients spanning all sectors – we’re pretty big in e-commerce.

Essentially, anyone who wants to improve the performance of their website can benefit from using our service.

How is WhatUsersDo useful for marketers?

Whether you want feedback on a live website or one in development WhatUsersDo can help hone your digital presence so that you convert more visitors into customers.

We’re seeing more and more clients divert PPC and SEO spend to improving conversion rates on their website by making it easier to use.

In fact, you can go beyond pure website testing and get feedback on email campaigns, surveys and other collateral before it goes live.

Any WhatUsersDo success stories?

Many. Most recently I was talking with a client who improved their online conversion by 19% as a result of changes they made after user testing with WhatUsersDo. Their average order value is on excess of £500 – so they got an excellent ROI from spending £150 with us (we recommend testing in batches of 5 users i.e. 5 x £30).

Your panel is currently UK based. Any plans to expand internationally?

Actually, it’s now UK and Germany. Soon it will be pan-European and Global by the end of this calendar year.

How are you marketing WhatUsersDo?

We get a lot of referrals from clients and natural search traffic. We are blogging on leading sites like Econsultancy and are starting to speak at events in the UK (and soon Europe).

What we offer is fairly new so there’s a lot of education in our messaging. We’re also starting to increase our social networking activity.

What’s next for WhatUsersDo?

Panel. Panel. Panel. We are focusing on increasing the size and scope of our panel to become a global player as well as making it easier to select users in our clients’ target markets to make the results even more relevant.

We’re also working on some new ways to capture feedback from users … but they’re hush hush right now.

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