Win Free Designer T-Shirts With Social Shopping

Last week I was buying a t-shirt from Cafe Press, and after the transaction was completed this pop-up appeared, offering a 20% discount if I shared my purchase on Facebook. Doing so would also give my friends 20% off as well.

Cafe Press Social Shopping Offer

Cafe Press Social Shopping Offer

Pretty damn good offer if you ask me, as I had already bought the shirt. The 20% discount clearly shows the value of social shopping to Cafe Press.

Like Lovers, Win T-Shirts

Just a day after the Cafe Press offer I received an email from designer t-shirt label Young Lovers, who I have interviewed previously for Maloney on Marketing.

Young Lovers Like Competition

Young Lovers Like Competition

Young Lovers currently have a competition running where all you need to do is Facebook Like 3 t-shirts on the site before January 31st, for your chance to win them.

Young Lovers Like Competition

Young Lovers Like Competition

I think this is a great campaign as it is a very simple competition to enter, with great social shopping benefits for Young Lovers.

So I asked Luke Nuto, the head dude at Young Lovers to explain some of the thinking behind the campaign.

It’s been an interesting little test for us, since we’re a small independent company and know a lot of our customers personally.

People trust recommendations – not only from friends, but also from strangers. I guess it gives a ‘social validation’.

What we really like is the fact that someone can click ‘like’ on one of our t-shirts before they buy it and their Facebook friends can comment on it or like it too.

The fact that they can include a comment with their ‘like’ means that people can ask their friends which design or colour that they like best. Much like they would if they were shopping with friends in real life. It’s just a much broader platform, since you can shop with two hundred friends at once.

Shopping in the real world is often a social thing – especially among women. So I do think that this is really only the beginning of a much bigger trend in social shopping that we’ll see really bloom over the next few years.

Thanks for the insights Luke!

I agree that social shopping will be a huge trend for the retail industry going forward.

Now Maloney on Marketing readers, go straight to Young Lovers and win this competition!

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  1. February 16, 2011 at 2:43 pm #

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