Oprah’s Ultimate Australian Adventure will win a truckload of effectiveness awards

Back in September 2010 I wrote a post comparing the Best Job in the World campaign to Oprah’s Ultimate Australian Adventure.

At the end of the post I concluded that Oprah was going to be way more effective in putting bums on seats, and when polled, 100% of Maloney on Marketing readers agreed.

Oprah at Australian Opera House

Oprah at Australian Opera House

Well in December, Oprah came, saw, and brought the city of Sydney to a standstill. Then, this week The Ultimate Australian Adventure episodes aired in the US, and the results are almost hard to believe.

Tourism Australia today reported “Qantas Vacations in the US has seen a 250% increase in visits to its website, a 25 per cent increase in phone calls, and a 30 to 40 per cent increase in quote requests.”

This campaign is rumored to have cost $3 million Australian taypayer dollars, but with early results like this it should pay for itself in no time.

I’m sure Tourism Australia will be checking every possible stat that it can, and when it compiles them, may it win every advertising award that it enters.

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