Your product is not an island. A lesson in leveraging complimentary products from Oreo…Got Milk?

As marketers, when we are focused on our product we often put the blinders on and forget about how our customers actually consume it, with other complimentary products.

On a recent trip to the supermarket I picked up this jug of milk to find an Oreo’s ad on the side, reminding me of probably the best example of complimentary product advertising there is.

Oreo Advertising on Milk Container

Oreo Advertising on Milk Container

Oreo went so far in leveraging it’s complimentary product as changing it’s slogan from “America’s Favorite Cookie” to “Milk’s Favorite Cookie”, demonstrating a very clear understanding of the symbiotic relationship between the two products.

What follows is a collection of ads that depict this symbiotic relationship.

While you are watching them, think about what is your brand’s complimentary product, and ask yourself whether you are their “favorite cookie”.

If you really want to look deep into the strategy, it is important that Oreo show kids eating their product with milk, because mothers want to know how to get calcium into their growing children.

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