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The importance of word of mouth, and increasingly word of mouse, cannot be underestimated when it comes to launching a new product.

As I outlined in my post on the 16% Rule, the secret to accelerating diffusion of innovation, innovators and early adopters must engage in word of mouth before the majority will follow.

Social Whispers Buzz

An exciting new free service called Social Whispers helps brands to meet this very goal, by swapping their product or content for mentions across social networks like Twitter and Facebook.

Social Whispers Logo

To test out the service I am offering to swap my new eBook Fitness Tips for Desk Jockeys for a social whisper. Just click the button below to post a social whisper to Facebook or Twitter and download your free copy.

Fitness Tips for Desk Jockeys eBook

Fitness Tips for Desk Jockeys eBook

While I am awaiting the results of this test (to be covered in a future post) I asked Stefan the creator of Social Whispers and Pretty Klicks Director, to tell us about this exciting new marketing tool.

What is Social Whispers all about?

Social Whispers allows swapping content and “rewards” for tweets and Facebook status updates. It’s a highly powerful tool and can create viral marketing campaigns where maybe not possible before.

It has been recognised on recently and is continue to pick up speed. Social Whispers is at the forefront of social media and the internet.

What inspired Social Whispers?

I initially saw something similar based on twitter which didn’t mention Facebook at all and didn’t have any of the additional tools. I saw an instant scope for taking the concept much further and creating powerful reward based viral marketing whilst being able to capture statistics and take it further as the idea evolves.

Where did the name “Social Whispers” come from?

Social Whisper Definition

I wanted to give the essence of being social and at the same time wanted to be able to describe all terms – status updates, tweets, etc.. with one term and decided because when we do such actions we are not actually being vocal about and a good way to describe this would be a whisper. It also tied in nicely with the idea of a chinese whisper whereby passing things on from person to person.

Tell us about the Social Whispers logo

Social Whispers Logo

I wanted to grab the feel of social media as it’s known on the web so incorporating aspects of Twitter and Facebook whilst still being it’s own thing. I decided on the world with the “whisp” wrapping around it to represent viral movements around the world and interconnectivity. I also decided to place a “Speech bubble” to emphasize more it’s relation to social buzz and social media.

Who is your main target market?

For end users – Social media users and savvy internet users who enjoy and ride the experience of the web. For the service users – businesses and people who want to utilise the internet and social media movement to deliver interesting content and doubly increase their brand presence and reputation.

How is Social Whispers useful for marketers?

It’s an easy and effective way to kick-start a campaign and create social buzz and potentially allow some really cool content to go viral. It can also a great tool to go in the marketers toolbox and can be used as a stand alone transaction for free content across the web and on websites.

Swap for a Social Whisper Button

You provide Social Whispers as a free service. Tell us about the thinking behind that.

We have the free service to self market Social Whispers in the background we are always doing business to business deals with bigger clients who are looking for bespoke and custom functionality. The free part is also a cool thing in general and is always good to see people using something which can work for everyone. We like to see progress and the internet is an open place.

Do you have any Social Whispers success stories?

So far we have had plenty, none major that stand out yet in my eyes as the content has been a little too generic. I guess this is where i encourage the readers to get their thinking caps on and think up of cool content which is wayyy more effective including – interactive videos, videos, music etc etc.

In terms of a success story – A organic food company created a neat recipe booklet which we thought had some great content and suggestions, some which I myself actually plan on cooking with my girlfriend. I didn’t expect such a good response on this, but there was. I guess they understood the principals of content is key and so is the message you are giving out. They also utilised their current subscribers and followers to kick start the campaign and word of mouth.

How are you marketing Social Whispers? increased the presence of Social Whispers 10 fold.

Social Whispers on Springwise

Social Whispers on Springwise

However the beauty of Social Whispers is, it markets itself. We are also trying to create collaborations with bands, musicians and artists to try and create more buzz over some cool, unique and share worthy content.

Finally, tell us a bit about your main business Pretty Klicks , and how it is different.

I started Pretty Klicks when I left university half way through my course. I had been making websites since the age of 12 and decided I had enough skills to get a company going. The response has been great and as some call it my “gamble” paid off.

What makes Pretty Klicks different is; we are fun, edgy, easy to work with, correctly priced and at the same time professional.

I take pride in the way we manage to get a good work play balance and this also helps the whole experience for the customers become a whole lot more enjoyable.

We usually manage to get it right first time, however if the client wants it changed, we do it on a mutual basis to keep both parties happy, at the end of the day the client is the one paying but we have certain standards that the website needs to meet before we will put Pretty Klicks’ name on it. I guess a good sign is that people are recommending us.

Oh and of course, we take pride in our ability to innovate… how could I forget!

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