How to Review Your Website Analytics – A Maloney on Marketing Example

Analysing your website statistics are critical if you want to improve the effectiveness of your website.

I regularly check the site stats available from WordPress for the Maloney on Marketing blog. Unfortunately these analytics are not as advanced as Google Analytics or others I am used to, but they still provide some handy insights.

So I thought I would share with you some stats and my insights from the site to date.


Maloney on Marketing Monthly Visits

Maloney on Marketing Monthly Visits

The site has now had 42,541 views overall, averaging 3,000 visitors a month, and 100 visitors a day. Site traffic peaked in May, corresponding with the significant number of posts I did in that month.

Top Posts

Maloney on Marketing Top Posts

Maloney on Marketing Top Posts

I am very glad that the top post is The Secret to Accelerating Diffusion of Innovation as it was a good 6 months of research that went into it. This is leading edge diffusion of innovation thinking, and has been discussed in classes at Cornell University, and Ivy League school.

Other than that it is clear that Augmented Reality and Tattoos are my most popular topics. It is great to see that the interview with “The Tattourist” Jason Tyler Grace is one of the top posts as he is one of the most interesting people I have ever met, and his artwork is on my back for life.

My new Marketing Bookstore is already proving very popular, with a lot of people reaching this site through search as surprisingly there are not many other targeted online bookstores out there for marketing books.


Maloney on Marketing Referrers

Maloney on Marketing Referrers

Social Media sites are by far my biggest referral source in order: StumbleUpon , LinkedInFacebook and Twitter. These are followed by links from other business and marketing blogs and comments that I have left. I need to focus on driving more traffic from these last two sources, potentially by doing guest posts or interviews.

Search Terms

Maloney on Marketing Search Terms

Maloney on Marketing Search Terms

What is interesting straight away from the search terms driving traffic to my site is the number of images that have appeared in my posts – apple car, newton ball, beauty and the beast. This highlights the importance of correctly tagging photos so they show up in Google Images search.

A significant number have searched for the site directly, using “maloney on marketing” or “chris maloney”, indicating that Google is the home page and people would rather search than type in the URL bar

The rest of the search terms relate to specific posts I have done, with Augmented Reality being a very popular topic, as I was one of the first to write about it.


Maloney on Marketing Clicks

Maloney on Marketing Clicks

The most clicks from my site have gone to the Commonwealth Bank’s Create Your Own Cool augmented reality site. I’m not surprised…it is a very fun ADMA award winning site even if it is for kids!

My papers on Corporate Social Responsibility, Diffusion of Innovation, Maturialism, Chuppies, and Chinese Rural to Urban Migration I am guessing are being downloaded by university students who have to do assignments on these subjects!

My fitness website Maloney Fitness has now been published as into an eBook titled Fitness Tips for Desk Jockeys available from Smashwords (with a discount for Maloney on Marketing readers)


Maloney on Marketing Facebook Demographics

Maloney on Marketing Facebook Demographics

WordPress analytics doesnt have a demographic breakdown, but my Facebook Page analytics does. Maloney on Marketing has 200 fans on Facebook, with the majority of fans coming from Australia, my home country.

There are also fans from the US and South America (Argentina, Peru, Ecuador) from my time spent living and working there this year. Given over 10% of my fans are Spanish speakers maybe I should start doing some of my posts in Spanish?

The majority of fans are in the 25-34 age bracket, which makes sense as that is the same band I am in. Finally, Maloney on Marketing has more female fans than male fans, most likely due to the make up of the marketing industry in general, rather than my pulling power 😉

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