Nike excels again at sponsored athlete crisis management

I didn’t really understand the big deal that was basketball superstar Lebron James trading from the Cleveland Cavaliers to Miami Heat.

I mean trading happens all the time doesn’t it?

Lebron James Cleveland Poster Under Police Watch

Lebron James Cleveland Poster Under Police Watch

But sitting at a bar at the Chicago airport on lay over, a Cleveland fan thought it appropriate to throw his beer at the screen when Lebron James appeared.

It destroyed the nice Plasma screen. That is when I knew this was a big deal.

What is Nike‘s response?

Nike are no stranger to sponsored athlete controversy, having just had to deal with the Tiger Woods saga. Then, they delivered this classic ad featuring the voice of Tiger’s late father.

This time, Nike and Wieden + Kennedy have delivered an ad featuring Lebron James that speaks directly to the issue and his critics.

I love it. Lets hope his former fans do too.

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