Want to sell more beer? It’s easy, just use this tried-and-true formula

VB‘s new ad by Droga 5 uses a tried-and-true formula to sell beer in Australia…taking the piss out of the Metrosexual male.

As you would expect from Droga 5, the ad is extremely well executed.

The campaign idea itself reminds me of the “Protect your Hahn Super Dry” commercials, an example of which is below.

But what makes the VB ad different is that it provides a solution for the Metrosexual male…drink VB and become a “real man” again.

And that fact makes it a great follow-up to the award-winning VB Regulars campaign, it continues the theme that VB is for everyone…even “Manscapers”.


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Author:Chris Maloney

Chris is a multi-channel marketing strategist and one of Australia's most awarded young marketers.


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One Comment on “Want to sell more beer? It’s easy, just use this tried-and-true formula”

  1. Mário Amorim Lopes
    October 4, 2010 at 1:32 pm #

    Ahah, great ad!

    Here’s a suggestion for you! I’d like to see you delve into the huge rabbit hole that is the Power Balance wristband. Probably the biggest scam of the last 10 years (along with 2012, perhaps?) but it was so magically executed in terms of publicity — you can’t beat having top players using it and a supposedly ex-NASA engineer behind it — that it thrived. That’s what I call a stunt. Lo and behold.

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