Steal my notes from DMA09

Cleaning up my hard drive today, I came across the notes I made while attending DMA09 in San Diego late last year.

There is definitely some gold in there, so I thought I would post them up here for you to steal, so you too can benefit from the insights shared at the global event for integrated marketing.

Select “All notes” or any specific topic that interests you below.

DMA09 – The Global Event for Integrated Marketing – All Notes

DMA 09 – John Greco Keynote – DMA CEO

DMA09 – Martha Stewart Keynote

DMA09 – Scott Monty Keynote – Ford Social Media

DMA09 – Stan Rapp Keynote – Chairman Engauge

DMA 09 – Online Video for Conversions Engagement and Reach

DMA 09 – Online Optimisation – Optimising your Website for Conversion and Business Success

DMA09 – Widgets 2.0 Leverage User Generated and Distributed Content

DMA09 – Using Variable Video to Create an Engaging Dialogue with Your Customers

DMA09 – Ultimate Email Marketing – Big Brands Face Off

DMA09 – Implementing Mobile Marketing at a Fortune 500

DMA09 – Fast and Furious Creative

DMA09 – Creative Strategies

DMA09 – Be More Creative in 3 Easy Steps

DMA09 – App Mania – Direct to the Consumer

DMA 09 – The Decade for Mobile – How Mobile Is Changing the Way Business Is Done

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