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Oreo Advertising on Milk Container

Your product is not an island. A lesson in leveraging complimentary products from Oreo…Got Milk?

As marketers, when we are focused on our product we often put the blinders on and forget about how our customers actually consume our product, with other complimentary products.

On a recent trip to the supermarket I picked up this jug of milk to find an Oreo’s ad on the side, reminding me of probably the best example of complimentary product advertising there is.

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Social Whispers Buzz

Social Whispers

The importance of word of mouth, and increasingly word of mouse, cannot be underestimated when it comes to launching a new product.

As I outlined in my post on the 16% Rule, the secret to accelerating diffusion of innovation, innovators and early adopters must engage in word of mouth before the majority will follow.

An exciting new free service called Social Whispers helps brands to achieve this very goal, by swapping their product or content for mentions across social networks like Twitter and Facebook.

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Peruvian Children with Pegs

Beyond Volunteering

This year I spent 3 months living and working in Peru, and loved every minute of it. The country is naturally beautiful, from an amazing coastline, to the Amazon, to the Andes, culturally rich, and has one of the best cuisines in the world.

But it is a developing country, with millions still without access to running water and electricity, and they need help from volunteers from around they world to help make this country a great place for all to live and visit.

A close friend of mine, Andreas Vailakis from California, was determined to do something about it. He came to me many times to pick my brain on setting up and marketing a volunteering business, and I am very proud that Andreas has now launched Beyond Volunteering.

So I thought I would ask him to tell the Maloney on Marketing family about this great new organisation.

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Maloney on Marketing Facebook Demographics

How to Review Your Website Analytics – A Maloney on Marketing Example

Analysing your website statistics are critical if you want to improve the effectiveness of your website. I regularly check the site stats available from WordPress for the Maloney on Marketing blog. Unfortunately these analytics are not as advanced as Google Analytics or others I am used to, but they still provide some handy insights. So […]

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