Destroy your website! A look at an emerging viral marketing trend.

In general, marketers are not only great at identifying trends, but also at following them.

Look at any marketing seminar coming up and you will see the same topics coming up again and again, basically whatever is in fashion, currently it is ‘social media’.

This trend following also happens in the viral marketing space, just check out my recent post on the various iterations of the “Guy catches…” viral campaigns by Ray Ban, Levis and MSI.

The latest viral marketing trend however, seems to be destroying your own website.

Case 1: Quicksilver’s The Spot

The first site to be destroyed is Quicksilver’s The Spot. In this case it is the Quicksilver skate team who turn the site into their own virtual skate park.

A great part of this viral video idea is that it is within the brand website, rather than on YouTube, which means that the viewer can link through to more information on the brand/products directly.

Another winning strategy is the shareability at the end of the video, via email or social networking sites.

Quicksilver Pass it On

Case 2: Spays not Strays

The latest site to be destroyed is Spays not Strays. This time it is stray cats that tear apart the frames, much like they would a couch, or a human leg.

Spays Not Strays - Cats are taking over the internet

The viral supports the message that in 9 years 2 breeding cats and their offspring can produce 11,606,077 kittens. Before long they will be taking over the internet evidently.

Again the site is made easily shareable via email and social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

Your viral campaign is having kittens

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