Introducing Video-in-Print, the future of magazine advertising.

In a previous post I covered the future of the press industry, and the inevitable decline in paper based readership.

I think the Daily Show segment where Jason Jones visits the New York Times features a quote that says it best:

“What is black and white and red all over?

Your paper’s balance sheet”

But the latest in nano-technology may just buck this trend, with the first video-in-print advertisement launching in the US magazine Entertainment Weekly in September 2009.

The world’s first Video-in-Print advertisement

The world’s first video-in-print ad powered by technology developed by Americhip, will launch CBS’ Monday prime-time line up in partnership with Pepsi Max.

The battery powered video is about the size of a mobile phone screen and can handle up to 40 minutes of video. It is also rechargeable via a mini USB cord!

A step up from E-Ink

This time last year, Esquire published the first magazine to use e-ink technology for their 75th edition.

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The magazine featured a cover that animated “The 21st Century begins now”, and an inside cover ad that flashed the 2009 Ford Flex Crossover.

While this technology is pretty cool, what is more exciting is where the Editor of Esquire magazine wants to take the technology.

Namely, equipping the magazine with cellular technology so the pages can be continually updated over the course of the month the magazine is on sale.

Maybe print isnt dead after all?

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