Does the “Guy catches laptop with ass” viral build or damage the MSI brand?

I’m all for viral videos as a means of raising brand awareness.

The difficulty is making the content entertaining enough to go viral, but still having the brand integrated into the content.

This viral from MSI laptops achieves both objectives, but at what cost?

While very funny, I think it associates the brand with a part of the body that you don’t want to be associated with.

Is anyone else concerned that the product may now stink?

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For those playing at home

The MSI viral is actually a piss take of RayBan’s “Guy catches glasses with face” viral from 2007, and Levi’s “Guys backflip into jeans” from 2008.

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Author:Chris Maloney

Chris is a multi-channel marketing strategist and one of Australia's most awarded young marketers.


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