Sometimes you see a campaign and think “this will win every award it enters”

I remember when I first came across this campaign in my routine morning trawl of marketing blogs.

It stopped me in my tracks, I was fixated.


My jaw hit the floor.

My coffee went cold.

I couldn’t look away.

I was late for a meeting,

And had to make a gold coin donation. 

On return to my desk I emailed the link to everyone in my contacts with the subject line:

“This will win every award that it enters”   

Of course I am talking about Philips Carousel by Tribal DDB Amsterdam, which recently took out the 2009 Cannes Film Lions Grand Prix 

And rightly so.

What makes this campaign so special?

This could have just been a great piece of film. But it is so much more than that.

What make it stands out, is that like all great advertising should, IT SELLS THE PRODUCT!

Sells the crap out of it in fact.

It does this by enabling the audience to interact with the three main features of the TV throughout the film, namely:

  • Amblight
  • Cinema 21:9 (see also number plate on cop car and length of film!)
  • Picture Quality (through “making of” clips with the DOP, Director and VFX Supervisor)

By the end of the film if you can’t see the product benefits, then you must either be Stevie Wonder or Michael Jackson.

So in summary, you can have my credit card Philips.

I’m sold.

Here is how they did it.

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